Short Biography


Enrica Negri was born in Podenzano (PC), Italy, in 1956, third of three sisters. She spent her childhood moving between country and hills. Married in 1979, she moved to Fiorenzuola d'Arda (PC), where she lives now.

A passion for painting and art in general has always been present in her life, but she never took art classes or courses of any kind, therefore she can be defined as a true self-taught artist.

She realised her first works shortly after the mid 90's. Starting with a figurative style, she later evolved towards a more symbolic and conceptual style.

Since the 2000s her production became much more important and various, including many different styles such as polimateric, abstract and conceptual, without ever really leaving figurative.

Very curious about any modern art movement, she expresses her critical spirit through painting, always looking for more direct and incisive expressions:

"A painting must speak, it cannot be only an image".

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